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Ankara care instructions


Ankara wraps are become addictive where it is impossible to just have one!

Your growing collection can last for many years, and it probably one of easies items in your wardrobe to care for.
Here area few handy tips you can try, but please feel free to contact us to share some ideas and suggestions of your own.

Most of our ankara wraps will be made from 100% cotton. The first time you wash your wrap you might want to check that the print
does not run to avoid any accidents, for this, we recommend hand washing your wrap for the first time in a small bowl or sink.

Hand washing
Hand washing is always best using a biological powder which is kinder to your ankara fabric as well as the environment.
Machine care
Maching washing your wrap may be more convenient, but check the water temperature does not exeed 30c.
Hanging washing
Aim to drip dry your wraps , avoiding wring and twisting the fabric.
Use the "cotton" setting and iron on the wrong side of the fabric.
if you want your ankara to have that sculptural quality, use a starch spray to give the wrap that added stiffness. The stiffness is not permanent and will gradually decrease and will wash out completely when washed.

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