1984 - Launch of the The Macintosh 128K personal computer with a (GUI) graphic user interface. 


Designed to be the "people's computer" the 128K was inexpensive and easy to use. The GUI technology made popular by Apple, was originally designed by Xerox a decade earlier: it uses windows, icons and menus for opening, deleting an moving files and pretty accurate WYSIWYG printing which we now take for granted, but were unique features back in 84.

The GUI technology and mouse liberated the user, and 128K quickly became a must-have for creatives who could easily write articles, draw diagrames, experiment with colour and layouts, without having to be concerned with the operational aspects of using a PC.

The 12K spec included: beige all-in-case - 9"/23 cm screen
Mo100 mouse - Ram: 128K Ram – Storage: 0.4MB – Cost: £2,495.